Dr. Anne Steinemann

Conducting scientific investigations of the causes and consequences of exposure to pollutants

Developing solutions to reduce pollutant exposures, reduce costs, and improve health

Providing expertise and resources to develop healthier homes, workplaces, schools, and communities

Most of our exposure to pollutants 
comes from everyday sources, such as consumer products. We can reduce health risks through relatively simple and cost-effective actions, such as choosing safer products and reducing pollutants indoors. However, the medical community, employers, and the public are often unaware of these pollutant sources, their health effects, and ways to reduce exposures.

Dr. Steinemann, an internationally recognized scientist, brings more than 25 years of experience in helping people to create healthier living and working environments. Her expertise covers a range of topics, such as

  • Analyzing consumer products and evaluating ingredients
  • Providing guidance for healthier products and indoor environments​
  • Helping to develop and implement fragrance-free policies
  • Improving indoor air quality in homes, workplaces, and schools
  • ​Communicating information to the public

Many resources are available on this website.

Dr. Anne Steinemann is Professor of Engineering at James Cook University, Australia, and Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Melbourne, Australia.

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