Microeconomics for Public Decisions
by Anne Steinemann

Economics affects daily life, and decisions that involve environment and health. For instance, how can investments to improve indoor air quality be realized in savings in improved health and productivity? How can policies and programs be designed to promote environmental quality, economic efficiency, innovation, and equity?

This textbook will enable you to master the fundamentals of microeconomics, and their application to topics such as environmental protection, health care, natural resources management, societal benefits and costs, and sustainability.

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Exposure Analysis

by Wayne R. Ott, Anne C. Steinemann, and Lance A. Wallace

Exposure Analysis is the first comprehensive resource on the science of environmental pollutants that affect human health. The book covers topics of human exposure to pollutants such as volatile organic compounds, particles, pesticides, dioxane, dust, and secondhand smoke. It also covers personal monitors, mathematical modeling, biomarkers, laws and policies, and routes of inhalation, ingestion, and dermal exposure. This book provides the concepts and analytic methods to identify sources, understand causes, measure exposures, and develop strategies for improving public health.

The book is available on Amazon.